Want Something Better Than Your Beer At Home?

Check out our selection of local craft beers in Shreveport, LA

If you're craving a beer, nothing beats a pint fresh from the tap. You can stop by Bourbon Bar in Shreveport, LA to grab a cold one. We have a large selection of beers and a fun atmosphere to enjoy them in.

Call us now at 318-848-7411 to learn more about the local craft beers we offer.

Try something new or stick to a classic

Our beer pub carries draft beers and ice-cold bottles. You can visit us to find all kinds of beers, including:

All major beer brands - which provide a familiar taste
Local beers - which are from amazing breweries in the area
Craft beers - which come from smaller breweries and often have unique flavors

Buying local craft beer is a great way to support small businesses in your community, and you get a tasty beer in the process. Visit our beer pub today to get a reliable beer recommendation.